XiaoMi sold 2.1 million smart phones within 12 hours

On 9th, Arpil, CEO of XiaoMi said, in 8th, April, XiaoMi totally sold 2.12 million pieces smart phones within 12 hours. The total incoming is 2.08 billion RMB. It has broken the record of sales volum on single platefor withn 24 hours. This record is also accepted by Guinness World Record. XiaoMi was also certified by Guinness. 

On 8th, April, except the 2.12 million pieces smart phones, XiaoMi TV set was also sold about 39 thousand pieces within 12 hours. The acessories sales is about 190 million RMB. Total orders are about 3.05 millions, and 500 thousand orders have alraedy been delivered within 12 hours. 43.6% orders were paid by mobile end. The total visits to XiaoMi official website was about 14.6 million. 

In fact, in last 11th, Nov, XiaoMi has created one record, within one day, it sold about 1.9 million pieces smart phones. Now, the new record is available. Though the sales is very good, but the delivery is a problem to XiaoMi, till now, there are still a lot of orders on pending, and buyers have to wait several days longer for their orders. 

One interesting news is, several days before, another China smart phone brand, Meizu announced that in March, 2015, its monthly sales was over 2 million pieces smart phone. But compared with Xiaomi, it is a long distance. 

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