New Playstation 3 80GB Console Review

Finally after months of speculation the new PlayStation three 80gb console arrives in the U.K and this is looking like a giant hit for this Christmas!.

The 80gb ps3 will be taking over from the 40GB version which will be discontinued after all stocks are gone…The PS3 40GB had some bad press as it lost its backward capability but this has now changed. You can also visit to get more info.

The new PlayStation three 80GB version is a lot better!! The new chip is more advanced, quieter and stays much cooler. The difference this makes is giant, you don't get distracted by the noise, you wont have any issues with overheating and you will get better performance.

A thing that amazes me every time is the fact that even if all you wanted was a blu ray player, this unit would be cheaper than half the other options on the market!! On top of that you have two usb ports, net capability, the best games console on the market, you can also use it as an outside hard drive for music and pics!! You can also get info about Xbox one game reviews.

Also with the new PS3 80GB console you get free the new duel shock three controller that is excellent and gives you a lot more response.

The game choice is slightly limited at the moment, there's plenty of games but I don't think the full potential of the console has been tapped yet but I am positive this will be rectified over the next couple of years.

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