Commission Amount Paid By PaycationTravel Agent

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Certified Travel Agents (CTC) – to become a CTC you must take the online CTC Travel Training Course. By taking the CTC Travel Training Course you can contact venders directly to book travel as a Paycation Independent Agent as well as book travel from your personal website.You will make 75% of the commission amount paid to review of Paycation. Group travel is booked with venders direct and higher commission can be earned when booked direct. Hotels, cruises, car rentals, and vacation packages

Earn 65% to 75% of commissions paid to Paycation from our vendors and suppliers for travel booked through your website. Complete travel training, earn $500 in commissions and receive Paycation Travel credentials.Become a Certified Travel Consultant, you may qualify for industry credentials and take advantage of reduced rate travel on your personal travel. Earn $5,000 in commissions and qualify for personal IATAN credential.Qualify for CLIA credential. Discover the power of your business by following along with Katie as she guides you to help you learn more about your website(s).Access to a worldwide selection of over 5500 hotels, resorts and condos in 105 countries.Members Only unique Vacation Club allows you to remove the middle man and travel at wholesale prices. Visit us.

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