David Wood Entrepreneur- Acts Against Atheism And Islam

David Wood entrepreneur is aware that though he has many believers, there are also a lot of people who hates him because of his teachings that clearly shows he is anti Atheism and Islam. Some say he is getting too personal and no longer shows respect to other religions. David said he is always open for criticisms. In fact, he is encouraging people to leave their comment with everything that he is saying. Yes, he is clearly anti Muhammad and he tries to enlighten Muslims that there is no reason for them to praise him.

David Wood entrepreneur regularly appears on Aramaic Broadcasting Network. His followers always look forward to hear his teachings and even his non-believers show interest with what he is saying. It’s basically a form of debate between Christianity and Islam. David in his book clearly explains why he is against the Islam religion. He keeps on discouraging Muslims with their practices because according to him, it’s impractical and useless. He is not saying that Muslims should convert to being a Christian but he tries to compare the difference of the two. His teachings gathered different reactions from the crowd. Some show support while others show hatred and disbelief. You can read more about David to get to know him better as a person.

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