Minnesota Child Custody Laws

One of the most fought battles in divorce or legal separation proceedings is child custody. It is an issue not only for divorce or separation but also when paternity actions are pursued or when a non-parental third party seeks to gain legal custody of the child. As in any state in the US, Minnesotas laws are centered on the best interests of the child. Here are some things you need to know regarding Minnesota child custody laws.

According to lawyers Shakopee Minnesota experts, legal custody pertains to the right a parent enjoys with regards to decisions concerning raising a child. This encompasses important decisions on that particular childs education, religious upbringing and access to healthcare. Minnesota courts prefer that parents share in this responsibility but the parties can also agree, or the court may determine that only one parent should have the sole legal custody and possess the final decision concerning any major decisions with regards to the childs life and welfare.

Physical custody pertains not only to where the child will reside but also to the right of the parent he or she lives with to make decisions regarding everyday matters. Child custody laws in Minnesota define joint physical custody as prearrangement where the child spends an equal amount of time with each parent. However, it is important to note that only one parent will be allowed to have primary physical custody which means the child will live with that parent and the other will have visitation rights.

What if one of the parents lives out of state? If this is the scenario then interstate custody is arranged. Minnesota custody laws can be quite complicated in situations such as this and therefore one should turn to the advice provided by expert attorneys Waverly Minnesota to get a handle on how this can play out in court.

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