Everything You Need to Know About Horse Saddles

There are two main varieties of saddles – the English saddle and Western saddle. These are classified as the two types of saddle primarily utilised in the equestrian world, although there are various types of horse saddles employed worldwide. In other nations, saddles of different designs exist. Saddles are different greatly among various ethnic organizations and nationalities. It can be fun to learn about how each is utilized.You can also search Alamo Saddlery Turquoise Barrel Racing Saddle through the internet.

Ordinarily, choosing what saddle to use should depend on the amount of riding you intend to do using your horse. Even narrowing it right down to English or Western riding, saddles can nevertheless be broken up in many categories including for dressage and show, staying power, pleasure or general purpose. Some common horse saddle terms you should understand are pommel, cantle, horn as well as cinch.

The English Horse Saddle

In Olympic equestrian events, the English saddle may be the main type of saddle employed. As the name suggests, this can be the favored type among the tastes English riders. However, the English saddle can nevertheless be categorized into several more specific styles according to the kind of event that will be involved. Whether it is for show jumping, hunter jumper, eventing, dressage, equine racing, saddle seat, or polo, the right type of saddle is thus used.

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