Cute Puppies Are Loved By Just About Anyone With A Heart

Even WC Fields realized the enormous appeal of kids and cute puppies. Although kids can upstage any professional actor there are adorable little fur-buddies that can easily upstage a child. Small, cuddly canines are especially fun to watch. Their expressions, antics and outgoing behaviors are just two of the reasons that so many cute puppy videos become viral internet hits. Let's face it-everyone loves a dog-especially a puppy dog.

There are numerous pictures being posted online each and every day. A large percentage of these photos are going to involve a dog. Some of the pictures will highlight cute puppies such as a toy poodle or a tiny Pomeranian. Others will just include the pet as a member of the family, and are not intended to place the viewer's spotlight on the cute dog. No matter the intentions, it is almost impossible not to notice the cuddly pup even when the animal is demonstrating perfect poise and behavior.

Our canine companions have the ability to establish a personal connection in a matter of moments. Perhaps it is the beatific facial expressions on some of their faces that attract such wide-spread attention. Certainly the pictures of the tiniest and largest cute dog breeds are going to be popular. Unusual pups with thick, furry coats and wide-eyes prove irresistible when their pictures are shown on the internet. When videos are being posted it takes the level of interest to a completely new and exciting level.

In fact there are many times when cute puppies have racked up millions of hits in a very short period of time. All it takes is for the news to get out and social media venues explode with rumors and interest. People begin asking if their friends have seen the latest canine stars online. Favorite pictures are quickly liked and retweeted. The cuter the puppy-the more intense the online response. What better way to show off your adorable pet than by sharing those funny videos and incredible cute puppy perfect photos with the world?

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