The Truth About Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russell Terriers (JRT's) are known for their intelligence and cuteness. They are bred to be high-energy dogs so keeping that in mind they must have some strong direction or possibly a dominate pack leader.

The Jack Russell has a very interesting beginning. The breed was started by a fellow by the title of Parson Jack Russell (mid 1800's). Parson Jack Russell decided the current fox-hunting terrier they was using for shopping were unsuitable. The current red-bodied terriers that they used to hunt fox with where to similar to the game he was soon after, so he decided a greater breed was needed. You can also click on if you want to know more about such puppies.

Training Jack Russell Terriers generally is a challenge. They are notoriously obstinate and can be difficult to train but with a little patience it can be obtainable. The breed is very intelligent and they experience the stimulation – so start off training early, and don't assume that just because he could be a puppy he won't understand. Don't play any rough games along with your Jack Russell as this really is teaching him that it's OK to use the teeth. If you are going to play with a toy-make sure you always win the toy otherwise he'll almost certainly never give it back and most of all do not allow almost any snappy behavior. You also might wish to enroll him in 14 training program to get him on your path.

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