Why Homemade Dog Food May Save Your Dog’s Life

There are so many reasons behind the thought of homemade dog food. Many dog owners prefer to provide homemade food to their loving puppies. They do not want to compromise with the health of their dogs. Recent studies shows that the dogs’ health across the United States is at risk because they are eating contaminated commercial dog food tainted with aminopterin, a rat poison, and melamine, a chemical used in making plastics and fertilizer.

It sounds really dangerous so how a dog owner can take a risk in this case. Therefore, many dog owners considering homemade dog food as a safe and nutritious substitute for their dog.


Most professionals think that there are inadequate financial resources and manpower to effectively monitor the dog food industry. Thus, many dog owners do not have trust the dog food industry. They prefer homemade dog food so that their dogs live a healthy life. To know more about nutritious dog food you can explore .

Unfortunately, the dog food industry was born in postwar America to meet the need of business interests to recycle knacker's yard and industrial waste. This garbage had potential uses as fertilizer, landfill but a more profitable prospect existed in the packaging and selling this "junk" as food to innocent dog owners.

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