What Makes Iphone 5 Screen Protectors Very Relevant?

Some people are against the idea of using screen protectors. They have termed these developments as a means swindling money from iPhone 5 customers. They see the protectors as redundant accessories that overload the phone for no value. To the contrary, they forget one important thing that iphone 5 screen protectors do not come to improve the protection of the screen but it is the only protective means of keeping the phone from any hazard. The tempered glass, which has a 9H rating, provides maximum protection achievable so far by the current technology. The glass is also very real and as your fingers move over it, you feel the added efficiency.

The iPhone 5 screen protectors are ideal in shielding your phone against those hard impacts. It is a plain fact that phones often slip off the hand no matter how careful someone is and when this happens, your only rescue is these screen protectors. If your phone does not have a screen protector, it will shatter into pieces and that will be the end of it. You will be forced to go and buy another. it is true that you are not ready for such a loss and hence you need this kind of screen.

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