The Complete Guide to Website Design

A recent study has shown that approximately 95% of all web visitors determine within one second or less if any given website is worthy of their business. What is the difference between a website that a user will navigate away from vs. a website a user will stay and perhaps purchase from? In most cases, it's a matter of aesthetics. For more info about website design you can also visit webbased.

A professionally designed site will frequently install trust into the particular visiting user. It shows that the owners from the website have put the two time and money to produce a site that is highly professional and appealing with regards to users. Take a moment to consider some of the sites you might have bookmarked in your internet browser. Chances are the majority of the sites will share an established design where content will be well defined, navigation is easy to use, and the page page layout is visually appealing. In a increasingly competitive market where literally vast amounts of websites exist, websites without an exceptional professional design will by no means reach their full possible. 

Professional web design will be expensive. Web design companies will impose a fee a base fee for the initial design and page layout, and then charge an additional fee for each page inside your website (usually starting in $75. 00 per page). You could pay upwards of $1500 for even the standard of sites consisting solely of HTML. That is really a pretty hefty chunk of change that could easily triple or quadruple before your site is complete!

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